Project planning


ILecture Week 3


The lecturer covered on how to make a strong/effective storyboard and how its a little more than just ‘organisers’, they are for planning, pre-visualising and making sure our concepts is readable.


Its good to have the description, camera motions, durations, VFX, audio and SFX for each scenes so we can understand and already have a plan set for our final production without any complication of extra scenes or bad visual of the final composition.

The necessity of a storyboard is to point out areas where you can cut corners and it will provide clarity on your camera shot, both CG and real. For an effective storyboard we need effective storytelling:

  • Camera framing
  • Camera movement
  • Timing

and a good visual illustration of the concepts we trying to exhibit so someone can look and understand it, dialogue notes and audio notes are also important for visual representation of our concepts.


I have learned about cinematic techniques of camera (Cinematography) and how the techniques can take an average idea/story and enhance effectiveness to create mood/emotion.

  • Framing of the camera
  • Movement of the camera
  • Angle of the camera
  • Depth of field on camera
  • Cuts-timing between frames

We’ve learned some of these techniques in week 2 tutorial and even in class lecturers and it helped so much in the process of ideas and storyboarding developments. Annotation notes are important in storyboards, it helps with enhancing  abetter understanding of your topic.

Final Storyboard

Fast Man

For my final storyboard i changed the concept and made it more captivating and challenging. The storyline before was a bit simple/boring and for this final i spiced it up with more visual and composition effects.

final Story board

storyboard 1 part 1

Final story boad page 2

Final story boad page 3

shockwave green screen 2, Youtube video, Published on Feb 28, 2015 by MEMELZ _ , Link:

back to the future delorean fly by on green screen – free green screen, Youtube video, Published on Mar 24, 2013 by BestGreenScreen, Link:

future flying car in green screen free stock footage, Youtube video, Published on Feb 16, 2014 by HDgreenstudio, Link:

Free Green Screen – Futuristic Bilboard-syber billboard( by milancheto), Youtube video, Published on Apr 2, 2013 by MILANCHETO , Link:

future skyscrapers in green screen freen stock footage, Youtube video, Published on Mar 26, 2014 by HDgreenstudio, Link:

Idea 10


I’ve been a Fantastic four fan since day one of the first movie release in 2005. The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, my favourite character in the group is the Human Torch (Jonny Storm) why? cause his powers are awesome and he gets all the chicks. For this concept i wanted to create the a smaller version of the Human torch like the daughter of Jonny.

Fire girl 1


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Composition & Techniques

The girl will be basically showing of her fire skill for 30 secs in the composition. How to create the effects? to begin for the fire effect i’ve found a simple tutorial on how to create easy sparks and fire using After Effects (see video below)


(“Fire Hands – How to Create Fire with your Hands in After Effects”, Youtube video, Published on Aug 25, 2014, by Surfaced Studio, Link:

And for the floating Visual effect like in the mock up i made on top, i shall take a picture of the background without moving the cameras position and then place my actor on green screen and make here act out as if she’s floating and chroma key the footage and place on the background picture and start adding the effects of the fire and blend the two scene by using colour correction and done.