Idea 2


Jump man is a guy who bought these new snickers and tries them on immediately. After he ties the last shoe his body suddenly spins like a tornado and stops just in front of a mirror, promptly noticed he was wearing a super suit with a cape on his back. The guy later on found out that the snickers has super powers flying is one of them, so he goes outside and struggles to control and navigate in the air, after a few fall he finally gets a grip and take off in a swag way. As he’s enjoying the flight in the sky drastically the snickers losses power and the guy falls from mid air and crashes on the ground.

The super shoe
Flying into the skys



(“”, Unbound Feb 27, Accessed 15/08/15, Link:

I made a digital version of my concept as you can see on top.

Composition & Techniques

The composition is simple with an interesting storyline, the types of techniques I considered using in this composition is shooting multiple angels of each scenes except for the flying scene, Then for the flying scene i will use a green screen and set up a stunt table where i can lay on with a fan in my face to get the effect wind effect on the actor and especially on the cape. Colour corrections is a must for this composition, the scenes need to be realistic and blends with each other.


One thought on “Idea 2

  1. Really creative again, keep it up but also don’t waste too much time on making test footage that you won’t actually use. I’m just trying to help don’t get me wrong. Concentrate on one concept specifically and perfect that particular one. One way this could be improved if you choose to do this is of course by adding multiple layers of sky and clouds but you already know this. Also try to implement some “shoosh” sound effect to simulate the breezing through the sky effect intended here.


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