iLecture 10


The lecture is base on motion typography, in the beginning of the lecture Jarrad shows a inspiring example of creative intro scene using of typography motions and those intros was from Popular movies like ‘James Bond’, ‘Sherlocks Homles’ ect.. That’s a perfect way to get us into the lecture.

Digital Image Compositing – Typography in Motion, Jarrad Gittos. Youtube Video, jul 29, 2013.

Jarrad goes through some drawing knowledge and how early title sequences can created a unique combination of title sequences techniques in films and all intros draw on existing techniques to communicate the meaning, tone or feel of the film. Really comes down to how we envision to communicate our ideas for example the James bond intro has a major relation to the movie itself and its visually giving the audience the feel and tone of movie before it begins.

During the process of making my 30sec movie in this unit, I wanted to create a cool intro and by listening to this lecture I made some adjustments according to the tips Jarrad gave like ” Create intro that reflects on your idea” and finally i got a cool typography intro. (see intro below)

Now back to the lecture, there was a part where Jarrad was talking about Kinetic Typography and he showed a cool example of a lyrical video of ‘Day light coming’ song and all of the sudden I got all hyped and started singing for no reason and that’s how strong the concept was.Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.41.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.42.07 PM


To be honest most of the topics mentioned I already knew from my lasy semester unit Motion Graphics we had many lectures about typography techniques and the history of motion typography. Im not saying i didn’t learn nothing from this lecture there was some parts I didn’t know and the lecture was wake up call of how much typography can contribute to a film and it motivated me to make a great intro for my project.

Last semester Motion Typography project (see video below)..

Further Research

I researched on how to make my motion intro more compelling like the typography techniques I could use to make a better motion.

A small kinetic tutorial:

Kinetic Typography Quick Tutorial, Cocombee Studio. Yotube video, Jun 18, 2015.

Text Transition Tutorial:

Hinged Text Transition – After Effects Motion Typography, ECAbrams. Youtube Video, Jul 16, 2011.


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