iLecture 12


In this lecture which is the final lecture for this unit, We’re suppose to create a breakdown of our final production and the lecture shows us how to breakdown all of our layers to show the process of our compositions (film) so the viewer can understand the techniques behind the scenes.

So basically Jarrad gave some good techniques we can use when doing our breakdown, he gave us 2 options on how to start and option 1 was to render sequences of footages and the 2 option was to use still frames. He chose still frames. If using the still frame option we have to save (export) from original layer till the ones where we’ve applied effects step by step, then we need to import the images into a new composition and place them accordingly to our process and Jarrad advised to add name the images process stage so the viewers can understand what going on and also he also suggested to add a Mask transition to see the change of each images perfectly. After all, we just have to render and we’ve got our-selfs a Breakdown.

Digital Image Compositing – Creating Breakdowns, Jarrad Gittos. Youtube Video, jul 29, 2013.


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