Project Reflection

Thoughts of the project

Going through my blog and seeing the steps and process of developing ideas on ideas, making deep researches to find/create a decent concept for my Final project. Its amazing how I didn’t know about 3D,2D tracking, Rotoscoping, Green/ blue screen 12 weeks ago and now I’ve produced this crazy final using these techniques. The iLectures was so helpful in a way that it enabled US students to understand the tools that we needed to help us achieve a good Visual Effect, Sound Effects and lets not forget the outstanding techniques that we could use to make our Final production. I’ve had great times bonding with the class mates and helping out each other and giving advice on how to improve concepts.

I would like to take this moment to thank Mr Jarrad Gittos for the great iLectures and most importantly thanks to Mr Jirad Jhuboo for the positive energy in class and encouraging not only me but the whole class to achieve their goals in this project.

What I have Learned in this project?

Since Week 1 to Week 12, I’ve learned the:

  • Fundamentals of Compositioning
  • Techniques to generate compelling ideas
  • How to make a effective storytelling (Storyboard)
  • Camera Angles and Techniques
  • How effective sound effects and audio in a composition
  • The basic fundamentals of using Green screen and blue screen
  • The history of visual effects
  • 3D & 2D tracking, How to track motion and camera
  • Rotoscoping, Masking techniques
  • How to blend footages by using colour grading
  • The basics of creating Lightning effects and adding colours to it by using adjustment layers
  • Camera movements on 3D layers
  • How to create a Video Breakdown

Struggles when producing final video

The first problem I faced when creating my final was the lighting, my first scenes i shot was located in my Kitchen and the lighting was low and it created more contrast and shadows in my scene. To resolve this problem I had to try out many colour corrections, example; Levels, Curves, Brightness & contrast adjustment, photo filter and finally Colour fitness. With all those colour correction it took so much time to pre render. Other constraints occurred was I couldn’t get anyone to film my scenes or even act in them (Cause im a international Student and the small group people I know are always busy) so I took the challenge and directed and acted for the whole video except for my last scene where the camera was rotating around me, I had someone filming that part. It was a bit difficult to get myself in a moving scene when I was running so I had to make still shots and added a wiggle effect. I had to mask out some objects in some of my scenes and send them to front cause when applying the lightning effect onto the actor it tends to overlay on objects and its gave an unrealistic feel, and as you know I had to mask frame by frame and that took way too much time. My last location where the actor teleports to ‘The Future” that day when i was filming there was so many people and from my place to that location is like 2hr 30min drive in a BUS so theres no chance of reaching there early before the public does, so In my shots I had to mask them out and add a motion tracking to the masked layer, BUT the layer wasn’t realistic enough it was moving out of place so I had to re-position the key frames perfectly. Last problem was my background audio, It was difficult to synchronise my 2 audios perfectly together cause one audio is funk and the other one is a dramatic audio so I think you can understand the difference and the struggle, so to resolve it i had to edit the audio on Virtual dj and it came out strongly.

Change to my Final project

In my final I made a few last minute alterations, the first change I did was the SPEEDING effect, I added lightning to give a ‘FLASH’ look and rather then adding layer of Fast blur I decided to act out the running scene then boost up the scene with layer remapping to give the realistic effect as if the actor is running that fast, for a final touch I inserted Force Motion Blur which targets only the motion in the scene (actor) without having to mask out the actor and adding blur to it cause that would have taken ages. For my outside scene where the actor is running Mr Jirad to me to add a dust/smoke effect to contribute to the effect. The last changes did was in the Futuristic scene, I added new Aircrafts in the scenes and I also changed/add camera commands. When finalising my project I got this great idea of adding a Intro and a Outro, so I shared my concept with my lecturer Jirad and now its in my final production.

Closing reflection

I really enjoyed this unit despite the struggles, The journey was long but I’ve learned so much about Composition & Effects in these 12 weeks and I’m really proud on how my final production turned out, really hope to get more of these projects next semester. PEACE.


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