Fast Man ( FINAL)

Fast man begins as an ordinary guy trying out Coffee for the first time. After an instant sip he turns so hyperactive gaining super fast abilities as a result. Little does he know of the true powers running through his veins, as he speeds outside where suddenly his speed motion force initiates a shockwave which teleports him from the present to the future of endless possibilities.



Most Epic Music Ever: Around The World, HDSounDI. Youtube Video. Jul 30, 2014.

Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song” INSTRUMENTAL, Youtube Video, Apr 19, 2011.

SFX, Sound Design:Electrical:Energy,Electric Zap,Charge,Electricity,Static,Sizzle,Crackles,Searing,Ripple,Disrupt,Low Rumble,Bright,Sharp,Space,Metallic,Gradual,Spell.

ShockWave Effect + Impact Sound, Назар Костейков. Jul 18, 2015.

Fast Swoosh Down – Sound Effect, Art Music HD. Youtube video, Dec 29, 2014.

Space Ship Fly By 03 SCI FI sound effect from SFX WORLD HIGH QUALTIY, SFX WORLD. Youtbe Video, Dec 23, 2013.


VideoCopilot Shockwave pack for *FREE*, CPT.Confused. Youtube Video, Sep 17, 2014.

flying car in turbulance in green screen best stock footage, HDgreenstudio. Youtube Video, Mar 29, 2014., Herminio Nieves, 2013. Accessed 17/09/15.

Big White Smoke Wind Green Screen 2 ANIMATION FREE FOOTAGE HD. Youtube Video, Aug 17, 2014.

future skyscrapers in green screen freen stock footage, HDgreenstudio. Youtube Video, Mar 26, 2014., Anonymous N.D, accessed 15/09/15., Aaron G. Randall. 2015. accessed 15/09/15., Designer. Television Cultural Center Beijing.. Accessed 18/09/15., KanhtArt ,Oct 02, 2012. Accessed 18/09/15. Zaha Hadid, Accessed 18/09/15., 2013. Accessed 18/09/15., Herminio Nieves, 2013. spaceship model. Accessed 15/10/15., Herminio Nieves, 2013. sun gylder. accessed 15/10/15., dbszabo1 .anonymous n.d. accessed 16/10/15., flower bush pn. Anonymous n.d. accessed 16/10/15.

Futuristic Hi Tech Logo Reveal – after effect project, After Effects Templates Box. May 6, 2014. 2015. Particle effect.


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